About Me


Welcome to Trash Swag, I am Fannie Dvorak founder of this amazing blog that will help make your home more efficient. Just like you, I am a home owner who struggled and finally figured out how to make more intuitive home improvements that not only made my home more efficient but also helped in increasing the value of my home. The trick was of course, incorporating technology in home improvement.

Today, the world is so focused on efficiency and green energy as we grapple with the challenge of climate change and global warming. It’s such focus that has led to the development of amazing yet affordable technologies for the home that help mitigate environmental effects from the household level at the same time cutting energy costs and increasing the value of your home.

You don’t have to be an environmentalist to adopt technology when thinking about home improvement, all you have to do is be reasonable, think long term and look at the benefits it will do for your bottom line.

I welcome you on this beautiful journey as we look at ways you can make your home more efficient, more valuable and a true mini paradise on earth.