Factors to Consider When Shopping for Tennis Paddles and Tables


With so many options of ping pong or table tennis, paddles, tables, and balls to choose from, settling for the cheapest option can seem the best solution. However, doing so is not advisable because not all tables or paddle suit all needs. Ping Pong tables, for instance, vary from outdoor and indoor-specific tables to tiny tables for minute spaces and many more. So, simply basing your purchase decision on price with total disregard for your specific situation and needs is imprudent. So, if you are searching for any tennis equipment you are in the right place. Below is everything you need to
get your ultimate paraphernalia.

Factors to consider when shopping for the paddle

Paddle power; settle for one that has a high power or speed rating because the larger the number, the high the speed and vice versa. Normally given stated out of ten or 100, this rating can help you evaluate how the paddle will fair during game-play.

Paddle control; control is yet another rating that you will meet when shopping for a table tennis paddle; it puts into consideration the grip and quality of rubber. If you play defensively, buy a paddle with high control rating.

Your game-play style; your style dictates the type of paddle that suits you. If you are an offensive player you need high-speed ratings while a defensive player needs a paddle with plenty of control. Both styles will find a high spin paddle beneficial.

Table Tennis paddle reviews

#3. STIGA Pro Carbon Racket

This paddle is a high-quality racket with a reasonable price tag; you can buy in a two-pack or as a single paddle. It contains a 7-Ply, extra light blade, 2 mm sponge and S5 rubber that is ITTF approved and of tournament quality. The racket is skillfully designed and will accord you plenty of control and is ideal for the spin.

#2. Killerspin JET800 Paddle

Rightly highly priced as it suits seasoned players, JET800 is our second best. It features everything you should expect from a higher priced model from renowned manufacturer including two carbon layers and 7-plywood blade for your ultimate performance. You get plenty of power and control, and you can easily add spin. The wooden side tape reliably increase power and absorbs energy.  Read more about ping pong paddles at this useful site.

#1. Butterfly Balsa Carbon X5-FL

Among the many reasons that make this paddle the top-rated brand includes reinforced pliers, as opposed to wood, that deliver maximum speed and spin. Carbon fiber has a larger sweet spot compared to wood. The paddle boasts of Tenergy 80FX2.1 mm red and black rubber. If you want to take your game to the next level and do not mind spending a lot for a high-quality paddle, this racket will not disappoint.


Factors to consider when shopping for the table

Outdoor vs. indoor; if you are planning to use the table outdoors settle for a sturdy one, featuring concrete or galvanized steel. Such a table will withstand weather elements. The playing surface should also be weatherproof to prevent warping and water damage.

Playing space; how large is the space you plan to use? A regular table measures 9 X 5 X 2.5 feet and the nest extends another 6 inches on both sides and above the table. For maximum comfort, consider you need an extra six feet on all sides.

Collapsible; will you have the table permanently open? Since dedicating an entire room for ping pong may not be feasible, settle for the one you can collapse and keep it away whenever you are not using.

Experience; the level of experience you or your partner has also matters; if you are a novice player, you do not need a high-end table; simply pay attention to high-quality construction and sturdiness.

Specifications; regulation table should be constructed from one continuous material, normally word or its derivative. So, if you are shopping for a table to use for tournaments, make sure the table meets this specification.

Ping Pong table reviews


Considered a premium high-tech table, Killerspin Revolution is one of the most skillfully designed tables in the market. It is so beautifully designed you can use it as the centerpiece of the living room; rest assured it will augment the interior of your home and give it a classy look. It suits standard table tennis tournaments with experienced players.


This ping pong table is suitable for the office. It offers outstanding playing surface and is easy to set it up. You will be able to pack it and start playing it in ten, or even less, minutes. Given its impressive features and ease of installation, this table manages a rating of 9.6 out of the possible 10. It is also competitively priced and hence fits any budget.


Joola is a household name famed for making overwhelmingly favorite ping pong tables and this one is not exceptional. Ideal for tournaments or recreational purposes, the table is sturdy and hence reliable and requires only ten minutes to set up. It is also collapsible meaning you can easily fold and store away to create space in your home.


In addition to the above information about Ping Pong paddles and tables, avoid rushing your shopping process. Take your time and make sure the table meets all your needs. If your ideal table does not come with a cover acquire it separately. The cover will keep your table tennis equipment safe.

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